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3 Days to Kill … movie review

3 Days to Kill … movie review

3 Days to Kill

117 min – Action | Drama | Thriller

Director: McG

Writers: Adi Hasak (screenplay), Luc Besson (screenplay), Luc Besson (story)

Stars: Kevin Costner, Hailee Steinfeld, Connie Nielsen

Kevin Costner sizzles with rage as he is portrayed as Ethan, a middle-aged agent fighting bad guys while trying to be a good father to a teenage girl, Zooey, who he hasn’t seen in years. His character unfolds (in true Costner style) while he’s battling brain cancer and trying to meet the challenges of raising his daughter at the same time.

Tender were the moments when he taught his teen how to ride a bike (because he was absent from her life when she was a child). Even sweeter was the birth of a little African baby boy, who was born at Costner’s house by a teenage girl whose parents and family occupied his Paris tenement flat while he was away on business. The relationship Ethan and the inhabitants share is very rarely ever seen within a storyline as he is forced to befriend them because the Paris government will not assist in having them removed. Instead they tell “him” that it would be a crime to put them out before Spring time.

There is a really nasty, young minion called the ‘Albino’ who is targeted by the American CIA because he wants to reap havoc in, “not so gay Pari.” He and his cohorts are gun toting precision aiming men who follow Ethan around Paris as he follows them with greater precision while trying to meet his challenges of health, age and domestic life (which keeps him awkward throughout the film). This storyline is lush and the scenes are plush as the Eiffel Tower is seen glowing in background. There are some other twists to the story but I would like you to see them for yourself. Don’t believe anything negative you’ve heard about this movie – it’s great. The soundtrack alone is fantastic with easy to listen to music reminiscent of the 60′s, 70′s, 80′s and so forth. If you close your eyes and listen to Asaf Avidan sing, “Love It or Leave It,” you’ll think you’re listening to Janice Joplin (or someone with that, ‘beautiful, raspy rock essence,’ that she had and Joe Cocker has). I feel the selection of songs alone help to tell the character’s story as he tries to defeat the odds. You’re a “DTR Movie Musical Connoisseur” (so you get my meaning….). For enthusiasts like me there are sexy Russian vocals thrown in during the, “Crazy Horse,” music segment that makes the soundtrack exotic and inviting. I was intrigued as I was introduced to new vocalists like, Lavender Diamond as she sang the eerie, “I Don’t Recall,” song. They even threw in a “Megamix 90′s” flashback segment (for people like me that love the 90′s). You can tell I loved the soundtrack. Trust me, you will too!

I’m giving 3 Days to Kill 4 Knuckle Bones for its heart stopping, jaw dropping action, storyline, soundtrack and cinematography. Rent the film on DVD. Sit back, enjoy some popcorn and cheer as you see what Kevin Costner does as the ailing Ethan who never gives up throughout the duration of this film.


CBGB returns triumphant to NYC with the 3rd Annual CBGB Music & Film Festival

CBGB returns triumphant to NYC with the 3rd Annual CBGB Music & Film Festival

For the third year in a row, the CBGB Music & Film Festival has taken over NYC. In its latest incarnation it has grown from a one-day event to a several day sequence of shows, films, and talks held at venues across Manhattan and its boroughs. Yes, as a concert fanatic who actually does remember seeing shows at the original down and dirty dive of a music venue on the LES, a pad that has been closed since 2006, it does still seem odd and somewhat perverse that CBGB has become more of a brand name and less about the raw, aggressive, and perverse punk scene of the late 70’s that nurtured its rise in this country, in part, because of brave venues like this CBGB. Despite the hypocrisy of turning a bar whose bathroom alone has gone down in history as one of the most vile places on Earth into a family-friendly name brand, the first four of the five days in the festival do take on smaller venues and center on unsigned & minor label acts that does stay true to the credo of the original spot that got famous mostly off of giving young bands a place to kick it off at.

3rd Annual CBGB Festival Finale, NY, NY 10/8-12/14Continue Reading